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Quote (afdave @ Sep. 08 2006,22:22)
We will get into this in more detail later, but I'll at least give you something to think about for tonight before resuming our study of radiometric dating ...

A pair of dogs/wolves on Noah’s Ark couldn’t have produced all dog varieties today?

No problem producing the necessary number of varieties in 4000 years, Eric ...

Dave, dogs are all the same species. Dogs haven't even been domesticated for much more than 4,500 years. There are almost 12,000 species of ants, and over 35,000 species of beetles. Do you contend that one ant "kind" has radiated into 12,000 species in 4,500 years? Almost three new species of ant a year, every year? Almost 10 species of beetles every year, for 4,500 years?

How did redwoods, willows, elms, palms, and maples all radiate from one tree "kind" in 4,500 years, Dave? Redwoods can live to be almost 4,500 years old.

Why are you even discussing dogs, Dave? Dogs are the least of your problems. How about mushrooms? How many fungus "kinds" were on the ark?

Monkeys, Dave. What's the speciation rate for monkeys over the past 4,500 years?

10,000,000 species, Dave. Minimum. Explain them. Don't try to substitute one species (dogs) for ten million species.

But I'm sure you'll consider this another question you've supposedly "answered." The level of intellectual dishonesty you display continues to astound.

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