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Quote (afdave @ Sep. 08 2006,18:43)
How did Noah manage to carry millions of animals in his arch, since marco-evo never happened?
I suppose you mean macro-evo?  I think you are confused.  Noah did not have to carry millions of animals on the ark because micro-evolution does indeed occur and many varieties of animals would have developed after the Flood from just a single pair.  The reason he had to carry 35,000 (Morris/Whitcomb's guess) is because macro-evo has never happened and never will happen.  If macro-evo was possible, there would be no need for an ark to preserve distinct kinds.


Random questions that just popped into my head:

How many of the 35k were beetles?
For there to be a single pair of creatures for each Kind to microevolve into all the creatures we see today then your definition of microevolution includes speciation and large scale functional change to body plan and organs, correct?
How fast did the microevolution occur, did it happen directly after (during?) the flood in a short period of time, or is it an on going process?
Why do we not see large scale microevolution at a similar rate today?
Did the large scale microevolution occur by naturalistic process (random mutation + natural selection + genetic drift) or was there alot of miracling going on?
What is your definition of macroevolution?


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