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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: May 06 2006,10:35   

Is that a mistake?

What makes something appear designed or not appear designed?

What is design? What does it mean to design something?

If I use a genetic algorithm to "design" a radar system am I designing a radar system?

Oh c'mon, I've argued several times that the IDist God is "obviously only able to design using evolutionary algorithms" (genetic algorithms, whatever).  Of course "what design is" is in question, which is what I was discussing in one post with respect to the fact that we don't actually stop with "design" as an explanation even when humans do it.  Dave wrote, "duh, I don't get it," or its equivalent, but that's Dave for you.

I was, certainly, saying that "organisms don't appear designed" in the sense that the Nature article I mentioned noted that cell parts are "not designed".  That is to say, in the sense that we should not be looking for what we might expect from an engineer, but rather we should be looking for co-option and derivation.

It is not beyond the range of possible meanings of the word "design" to say that "evolution designed the flagellum".  Occasionally journals will discuss such "designs of evolution", though most of us don't prefer that language--especially not us Americans who are beset by morons.

Still, your points are reasonable in the broader sense, and not a bad addition to the total context.


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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