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Joe the Ordinary Guy

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(Permalink) Posted: May 04 2006,17:11   

Dave, let me try this approach:

Iím not a scientist. Iím just a regular guy. I am considered knowledgeable and talented in my chosen field, (business video communications) and the people who consider me so are my peers. I have interests and activities outside of my chosen field; these are hobbies (collecting PEZ dispensers, writing original music).  In my hobbies, I am NOT an expert, and I sometimes seek information from people who I determine may know more than I.

From what youíve told us, you were an Electrical Engineer, an Air Force Pilot, and a successful businessman. Cool. I bet youíre smart and know a lot of stuff.

Now, I donít know about you, but in MY life, I have found that there are many things I DONíT know. Plumbing. Car repair. Tax return preparation. Ballroom dancing. Gourmet cooking. Quantum mechanics. Evolutionary biology. And many more.

For these things, I rely on Experts. I mean, I suppose I COULD study the tax code and prepare my own returns, but you know what? I donít wanna. It doesnít interest me. So I hire an accountant to do that for me. I trust him to do so professionally, and so far, so good. And I suppose I COULD learn to cook better, but I usually get a better meal when I go to a restaurant, so when I want a really good meal, I go to a restaurant. I trust the chef not to poison me, and so far, so good. And there are some things that I simply, physically, cannot do. My knees are way too shot to ever let me learn ballroom dancing. And my brain is way too small to ever let me learn quantum mechanics. So I trust the professionals in those fields as well.

Science (like Religion) is a human endeavor conducted by human beings. It is, therefore, imperfect. (Like Religion.) I believe that the class of professionals called ďscientistsĒ has no inherent reason to lie to the rest of us. I notice that when they catch one of their own in a lie, they essentially destroy the liarís career. Iím confident that they sometimes make mistakes, but the nature of their endeavor is to continually refine their knowledge and correct mistakes as they are found.  I understand and appreciate that the nature and amount of their training is far more than I could handle, and I respect them for their knowledge and ability. I trust them.

You, apparently, do not.

Could you tell me why?


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