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PuckSR opines,

Hmmm....ok...couple of points

The Greeks were gay,really gay,crazy gay,they loved the.....
You get the point...
They had kids and a healthy society, but how?
Well the gay guys still had wives.
Seem strange?  Not really
They understood that sex created children, and since most humans want children, they had heterosexual sex.

Now, if there was a Designer, then he must have designed homosexuals.  Now, he probably used the "gay gene" to design them.  In other words...God is a gay gene designer.

This is fallacious reasoning.  If one believes gayness is a chosen behavior then the "gay gene" need not exist and God need not design homosexuals.  These are merely ad hoc hypotheses.  There is no scientific evidence for either a "gay gene" or a Designer.

Either does, at first, reek of stupid...
Either Evolution let something slip in that doesnt benefit reproduction
Or a Designer designed organisms that have a difficult time reproducing.

I guess the only logic could be that the Designer preferred homosexuals...good luck selling that to the ID supporters...
But then again, from all the examples the designer sucks...

Again, if homosexuality is a behavior then neither science nor ID are in trouble.  But you seem to preoccupied to see how science is being USED by certain ideologues.

Everything aside though, there are obviously Evolutionary pathways as well as Designer pathways that could explain the presence of a "gay gene".  So its really a mute point

Please provide these "pathways."

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