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It seems to me, Thor, that a gay gene, or for that matter a congenital development origin of gayness refutes the idea that gayness is a sin, rather than refuting evolution.

It does seem difficult for a gay gene to coincide with natural selection, but it does not seem difficult for congenital devlopmental causes to fit with evolution.

However, it has been pointed out that a small number of gay people in a group can enhance survival. People think it's all about having as many kids as you possibly can, but it isn't. It's about quality of life and raising the kids to adulthood. Hunter-gatherers and for that matter chimps, produce offspring about every 3-5 years. More than that is too much. If you look at a highly social animal  like wolves, you see that only one pair regularly produces offspring (the alpha male and female) while other relatives such as uncles and aunts help to care for and raise the pups.

More labor, hunters, and childcare is what a group of humans needs, not just everyone to pump out as many kids as they possibly can.

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