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Another example of how weak Thordaddy's reasoning is:

Since we were speaking in the context of abortion, both constrasting statements can be further defined as;

Human life begins at conception.


Human life does not begin at conception.

But we also need to go further and define "conception."  The general meaning of conception is a "beginning."  The opposing statements would then read;

Human life begins at the beginning.


Human life does not begin at the beginning.

No, Thordaddy, in this context, conception is not synonymous with "beginning." You're assuming what you're trying to prove. In this context, the term "conception" has a technical definition, i.e., the moment when egg and sperm (both of which, as has been pointed out to you ad nasueum, are already "alive") fuse. You're no further along proving your point (which is irrelevant in any case) than you were to begin with.

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