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Quote (thordaddy @ April 09 2006,05:53)
Hey Faid, let's see how "logical" Nike's arguments are?

First, though, we need some definitions.  On the face of it, this question does not make much sense.  What do we mean by "life" or "human life"?

You and I and everything we were from the time of conception.  Human life.  Or, are you doubting yourself?

You define human life as "You and I and everything we were from the time of conception."  But this is your original postulate!

Basically, you are claiming that human life begins at conception, simply because your definition of human life requires it!  But this does not prove anything, except my point.

How about an answer which actually explains something?  Why do you define human life as beginning at conception?  How do you know?  What criteria are you using?

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