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You deliniate between human life and human being.  I don't know why or how.

You probably don't know because I have not done this, at all. Not even once. You are *making this up*, because you don't like what I said so you need to change the subject.

What I have distinguished between is a human life/human being and a legal person. I pointed out, now for the third or fourth time (since you never listen) that by law, slaves were not legal persons. Whether they were human lives or human beings is not the question. Trying to make it the question is changing the subject. Legal persons are whoever the law says are legal persons. Human rights are whatever the law says are human rights. If you can't stay on topic, you will never understand the issue.

Nonetheless, I expect you do come back and claim I said yet something else you NEED me to have said, that I never said. But you are not arguing with me, you are arguing with some imaginary caricature you have dreamed up to fit your needs.

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