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Flint opines,

Let's see. This is the third, or perhaps the fourth time, I have agreed that there is a human life at conception. I have never once disagreed or made any other claim. How can I be opposed to what I have repeated without exception so many times?

But, you are NOT saying that YOU were the human life at YOUR conception.  You deliniate between human life and human being.  I don't know why or how.  I have no such quandary because I see no justification for a deliniation between the two.  And I ESPECIALLY see no SCIENTIFIC justification for the differentiation.  Last time I checked, science was a profound influence in the  subject concerning "life" (biology and evolution) and now you're trying to sell me on the idea that science plays no part?  

And there you go again. This issue has nothing to do with science. If science is not involved, scientific knowledge is irrelevant. It can't be abused if it's not involved. But you can't listen, once again.

But here again, you seem to play oblivious to certain realities.

When pro-abortion arguments such as "it's just a clump of cells," and "it's a parasite" aren't challenge for the gross distortions they represent, are you saying we shouldn't LOOK TO SCIENCE?  Again, I ask, if not science then who?  Afterall, biology, that branch of science, has done a pretty swell job of defining the rest of life for us.  So much so, that we can't even question the "fact" of evolution.

Who isn't but a clump of cells other than single cell organisms?

What other organism creates its own parasite in order to decide whether to kill it?

Science can say much more, but the ideologues are in control.

But it's irrelevant. You ignore this once again. Yes, it's a unique human being. So what? NOW what do we do? The sun rises in the east. Equally relevant. PLEASE listen.

So, the science is now irrelevant?  Exactly, "[s]o what?"  For you, there is nothing else to do.  For others, the acknowledgement of a UNIQUE HUMAN BEING is quite relevant.  

No, science is irrelevant in deciding nonscientific issues. This is NOT a scientific issue. Being a tough issue has nothing to do with science.

Please do explain how defining when YOUR life began and hence human life in general is not a scientific issue.  I really don't get this.  This is a evolution site and we are amongst biologists.  Do they agree?

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