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(Permalink) Posted: April 05 2006,10:56   

Thordaddy, your disingenuousness seems to know no upper bound.

Quote (thordaddy @ April 05 2006,15:39)

If you define yourself by consciousness then clearly you were not a human being at birth because there is NO DIRECT EVIDENCE of a conscious newborn.  One that declares, "I am conscious."

Aren't you the same Thordaddy who imputes consciousness to a zygote?

Your claim that the "egg/sperm argument" is bunk, is in fact bunk. You can't present any evidence that an unfertilized egg a) isn't alive, and/or b) isn't human. Your choice of conception as the beginning of human life is just as arbitrary now, six pages later, as it was at the beginning of this thread. You've never gotten past that fundamental error, and it was clear 20 posts ago that you never will.

I say it's ideology trumping truth.

You said it, Thordaddy.

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