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If the very entity (human life) that explains the world around us is undefiniable then AT BEST we can say his/her explanations are also undefinable.  Clearly, you don't believe this, do you? Since we don't know the Designer, hence, we don't know his design, as the argument against ID goes.  So if human life is the designer that gives us all these explanations, but we remain ignorant of this designer, then all his explanations remain undefinable.


Your obfuscation is getting quite annoying.  

Please be bold enough to say that you don't care how human life is defined and that there is NO scientific evidence that would LEAD ONE AWAY from presupposing that YOUR LIFE began anywhere other than at YOUR CONCEPTION?  Your arguments represents nothing more than personal justifications for abortion.  Is this the example of the subjective scientist?  

My assumption presupposes one is not existentially agnostic.

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