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Quote (thordaddy @ April 03 2006,22:56)

Is a biologist a person/human being?

Is biology a scientific pursuit?

Is evolution a scientific "fact?"

So we have biologists (human beings) proposing a "fact" of life (evolution) while proclaiming ignorance on the very definition of human life?  

My question is this,

If the biologist can not readily define himself (or human life) then how has he readily defined "life" and its evolution for the rest of us?  If the biologist is not sure what in him constitutes human life then how is he sure of ANY other life or the process of its evolution?

This is typical creationist cant, Thordaddy. If science can't explain everything, it can't explain anything.

Why do you think one follows from the other? The Standard Model can't explain gravity. General relativity can't explain quantum phenomena. Does that mean that both theories are worthless?

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