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Chris Hyland

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(Permalink) Posted: April 04 2006,00:43   

If "pain" is the argument against animal cruelty then animal activists are clearly ignoring another suffering "animal."
Hence the reason many anmal right groups want the limit reduced to 18 weeks.


Your life is your own to dispose of as you please.
The fruits of your labor belong to you.
You can enter and exit any contractual relations you choose, whenever you choose.
You can say or do anything you like so long as you don’t interfere with the rights of others to do the above.

If you compare all the other laws and moral codes that exist to these, you will see that they all subject the individual to some arbitrary tyranny in the name of gods or “society.” Everything else is just some people trying to benefit at the expense of others.

We try to defend the rights of minorities. What minority deserves more defense than the minority of one?

We promote democracy. What is more democratic than ruling yourself without interference from others?
Most people I know who share these values believe that fetuses do not have these rights.

What exactly has abortion done other than abolish responsibility and convinced a generation of women that aborting their children is hardly different than picking a new shade of lipstick?
This is at best true in a minority of cases, iterestingly the people who are more likely to take this attitude are the people who are more likely to have many unwanted pregnancies. Again I can't speak for America but in the UK there is no evidence your statement is true at all, despite many calls form pro-life groups that it is. In my opinion it is a horrific insult to the thousands of women who do not take this decision lightly.

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