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I think I'll have get the book and see for myself, because the footnotes may be to the data.

What the frick are the "needs of society"? People use this phrase all the time, and I have never been able to figure out what they mean. As far as I can tell, the "needs of society" is what people invoke when they have run out of reasons.

We used to have to do what gods told us to.

Then we had to do what kings told us to.

Now we have to do what society tells us to.

The "needs of society" argument always seems to define society's needs as any but my own.

Mother: 1. A woman who conceives, gives birth to, or raises and nurtures a child.

[Emphasis added]

I suppose it depends on where you look to find the definition you want!


Finding the definitions you want is what this is argument is all about.

thordaddy and I define the fertilized egg as a human being, deserving of the same human rights as you and you and you.

The pro-abortion crowd relies on "good of society" arguments, selective applications of "a woman's right" and various legal definitions.

Here is my challenge: Forget about all the bull-hocky politics and the persuasive definitions that lead people to the conclusions they want to reach.

[I'll try and use emotionless, unloaded language]

Inside the womb, a fertilized egg is developing.

At some time in its development, we all agree, this fertilized egg will transform into a human being and have the exact same right to not be killed as all the other human beings around it.

The pro-abortion crowd has many different time-points along the developmental continuum that they choose as the moment of personhood.

So far, I've read when abortion can be permitted, and when it must not be, but no argument for why that timepoint is the correct one.

I think I've done my best to explain why I choose conception as the beginning of a legal, human life: Because I can make no rational argument for any other timepoint. I realize it's not much. I have applied Occam's razor and cut away all the complexity from all the other argmuents. It is the least ambigous moment.

In a sense, the reason I pick conception is the same reason I pick atheism. I cannot make any rational argument for the existence of god(s), so I have to choose the option with the least ambiguity: There are none.

If you can rationally defend another time for defining the developing egg as a legal human, please do so. Please tell me why that moment in time precludes all other arguments.

My challenge presupposes that a rational argument can be made. If none can, then I guess it really is just a matter of who has the bigger gang (majority vote).

I've written all I can. Everything else is just beating about the bush.

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