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Readers, don't waste time with non-arguments like, "Well, who would decide who gets sterilized?" I already pointed out that it is a self-selection process. Anyone who wants an abortion-for-convenience can have one, for free, but they must be sterilized afterwards.

There is a catch here. You say that this will be a self-selected process for those that want an abortion for convenience- but whether each case is "for convenience" or "out of necessity" has to be decided by someone else first. And separating those two groups is not as easy as it may seem to you.
Maintaining control on the choices offered to the woman, by deciding in which category she belongs, is in my opinion a sure-fire way to let discrimination (and corruption) in through the back door.
So, nothing is gained (except perhaps another step towards a society where a woman's reproductive right is not a right at all).

A look into DAVE HAWKINS' sense of honesty:

"The truth is that ALL mutations REDUCE information"

"...mutations can add information to a genome.  And remember, I have never said that this is not possible."

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