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So we can argue all we want about what scientifically constitues a human life, but as Flint said that argument is irrelevant to the current law which is based on embryo viability. If you want to argue that the law should be changed to include any idea of a human life, then that is a moral argument.

US law is perhaps somewhat different, and varies by state. But in many states, embryo viability is not a legal restriction. Also, you are implying that the law is based on morality, and this is not necessarily the case. The law can be based on whatever we determine we should base it on. Morality, practicality, enforceability, cost, majority vote, whatever.

I'm rather surprised the UK law is workable, though. Do those who are wealthier (or otherwise more culturally privileged) get their abortions under the table, or do they leave the country to get them?

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