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The only ones that keeping saying "murder" are those that seem to support abortion.  The point is that there is no scientific basis to distinguish the human life from the human person.  Do you agree or not?

Again, you just can't seem to grasp it, can you? Legal arguments are not scientific arguments. I have no problem with your science. And as a matter of propaganda, the "murder" label was invented, and continues to be deployed, solely by the anti-abortion crowd. They use it for emotional control. Those who support human rights (of which abortion is undeniably one) speak of human rights. You know, things like fair play, don't force me to do what you don't want me to force you to do, things like that.

Consciousness, intelligence, awareness, knowledge, education, are all irrelevant. I will repeat for at least the third time now, the slaves were sometimes all these things, but they were not persons. They were property. That's not a scientific determination, it's a legal determination.

There is in fact no "scientific" way to distinguish between morally right and morally wrong. Moral questions are not amenable to scientific investigation in any way. You might as well use science to determine if red is a prettier color than blue.

The issue here is not scientific. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

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