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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 31 2006,14:28 about taking a Kantian approach to ethics....

lets minimize the suffering...and if the mother rationally concludes that the best way in which to minimize suffering is an abortion, then we respect her decision???

As long as her motivation is not eugenics but rational ethics...we should be ok...right?

Science says person A, standing here, is human, and person B, in the womb, is also human.

Actually this is a bit says that B is a mixture of cells in the human body, completely indistinguishable from a number of other things(other organisms)...except that it has the particular genetic structure of a human..

You are approaching this situation incorrectly.
It is human, because if you asked a scientist to tell you what it was..he would analyze the DNA and tell you that it was human.  He, however, could not distinguish anything that granted this entity 'human' characterstics except DNA.

Of course...the same argument could be made for ugly babies.  They might be incredibly hairy babies that look like apes...this is one of the reasons i dont like killing apes...

The sanctity of human life is at best a vague readily admit that we already have a long list of exceptions, and that we create new ones or destroy old ones depending on the culture.

One moral rule that remains constant...we do not kill functional human beings.  We can kill the old, the dying, those who wish to die, even those who we decide deserve to die...but all of the rationales are based around the idea that the human is no longer functional to society.

If you want to take the purely moral/philosophical stance...there is no imperative to protect the unborn...they have yet to function...

This gets cloudy because functionality becomes a rather vague area...but it is most definately not a quality of the zygote.  The idea that we are protecting something because it might later become functional is absurd.  A suicidal man may later become functional...but he has every right to die.

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