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The question is what evidence LEADS YOU AWAY from assuming this development DID NOT start at conception?  I say there is none!

So....If we do not have definative evidence against a concept...the concept should be accepted as fact?

Do you have any evidence Thordaddy that you are not living in a delusional state.  Do you have evidence that the entire world in which you exist is not an illusion?

Hmmm...guess not....

Oh well...guess its all true then...nothing exists...death doesnt really happen...and this is all an illusion....

So that would render your current argument pointless...since death is an illusion of your mind...and so are all other entities of existence...since there is no proof against this line of reasoning...

So if nothing exists but your "consciousness"  I guess nothing can die, and nothing else can have consciousness....

Glad we settled that

Yet, if we are simply for looking for evidence against consciousness at the zygote stage...
I would point towards the lack of any cognitive mechanism
The lack of any mechanism for motility
The lack of any mechanism to interact to typical "human" stimuli like sounds, light, and smell
And the fact that it is a #### "single celled organism" as a zygote

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