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I used to work with this guy who had an interesting experience.  He told me about how he was dreading going to Georgia (from MI) to visit his grandmother because she was so backward.  She thought that heaven and god resided above the clouds....or more accurately that the clouds were like the ground for heaven.

No one could travel above the clouds, because that's where god was.  Planes don't go above the clouds according to her.  Satellites don't exist.  Space flights and the moon landing, never happened.  She didn't think these things were hoaxes (at least not perpetrated by man) but that god induced some sort of hallucination to make us think we had landed on the moon.  Or, if you got in a plane, you would think you traveled above the clouds, then would be magically transported to your destination by god, without ever violating heaven's airspace.  If you called someone by satellite phone, you didn't actually talk to that person, but god would make both you and that person believe that you had the conversation you had.

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