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55? why that's positively balmy! don't see why you'd even need a wetsuit ;)

speaking of UV, I'm sure you have at some point seen one or more of those nature proggies on TV that show how a bee "sees" by using a computer enhanced image showing UV reflections from flowers, etc?

When i was in grad school, it was thought that UV was, like infrared, essentially not utilized underwater because of rapid absorption.  However, since then it's become clearer that not only does UV penetrate further than previously thought, but there are now documented visual pigments indicating utilization of UV in several marine animals.

er, that's a long-winded way of saying, yeah, UV might be important.

as to grad school; yeah my life would have been MUCH easier had i chosen to work on cichlid behavior with my major prof.

I only have my own ego to blame :)

hmm, i think i have some pics i took of barracuda when i was in the carribean; impressive critters, no doubt.

I'll see if i can dig one up.


ahh, here we go:

I took this in Cozumel, but it's the same species as the ones in FLA.

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