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I have a dry suit. I brought the 6mm because the dry suit would be too HOT! hahahaha. I do use the wetsuit sometimes though. There is a marine park off Muckelteo where some of the giant octupi hang and Puget Sound warms considerably in the late summer. (I'm thinking ~55F?)

I was thinking terrestrial with infrared. Just that I couldn't think of what you might see with UV.

I chose my thesis to ride on someone else's grant money because I was lazy and because it was fun and because I was quite poor. I had seven 80 gallon tanks to tend! Only a few boat trips even necessary.

No fire sponges but I got a small nick from a stingray and owww owwww owww they hurt. I felt like achilles. Lots of Barraccuda down there. I don't know how people ever get used to that. Now you see em, now you don't.

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