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meh, still takes money to do research.  Most of my research grants were just big enough to pay my food and lodging expenses; well short of funding my research needs.

Even at Berkeley, the school had little money left to fund the basic research of its grad students ( I think MAYBE i got about 400.00 year for basic research from Berkeley as a grad student there - and even that was competetive).

NSF found my proposal to fund research in OCC worthy of merit (it won some kind of award that i can't recall now), but not enough to warrant any significant monies.

OCC is the kind of research that could occur in an already well-funded lab (like Endler's), or if one was independently wealthy already (tried that too, btw - ask if you want to know that sad story)

I've since become more interested in trophic interactions within specific ecosystems, and models for fisheries management.  More money for that, but I never did lose my interest in OCC.  I suppose I'll get back to it someday (heh, reminds me of exactly the words Ron Thresher used when i first spoke with him 15 years ago).

responses to thoughts:

infrared would be pretty useless underwater; it gets absorbed quite rapidly, but i get where you are going with the idea, and yes, spectral analysis and pattern analysis is where folks in this area are going these days.

cold in puget sound?  you don't have to tell me :)

It's even cold in Monterey (average around 50 f).  I have a 7 mm full suit with johns and coat for Monterey.  Is a 6 mm enough for Puget Sound?

I'd be thinking dry suit at that point.

ever get hit by one of those fire sponges when you were in FLA?

####, i hate those things!

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