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Quote (stevestory @ Mar. 30 2006,09:42)
but how much ontogenetic depth do the damselfish have?

well, since it's a made up term by a bunch of confused pseudobiologists...

I'll say it's got a whole lot of "OD".

let me see if i can make up something to justify that (note that the following IS essentially correct and accurate, I'm just playing with the interpretations to smear the innocent >: ) )...


OK Pomacentridae (the family that damselfishes belong to), is a highly diverse family with lots of genera and species, that exhibit a wide range of morphology and behavioral "sophistication".

some exhibit parental care, and others even have a limited form of "agriculture" (they selectively farm single algae species within their territories).

If I understand what Nelson was getting at (I rarely do, so please feel free to correct me), the development of such sophisticated behavior would indicate significant ontogentic depth in general within the family.

how's that?

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