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Sheikh Mahandi

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 16 2006,00:43   

I happened across some article mentioning "Polonium Halos" and through all the follow up's arrived at PT, figured - periodic table of elements/logic on one side, grasping at very wet straws the other. Then found all these other things going on, so basically lurked for ages, but only became emotionally invested in the whole thing when Dover blew up - I mean Georgia phffft, full of wild eyed laying on of hands snake handling charismatics anyway, right, right. Kansas, bible-belt bible thumpers, right, right. Pennsylvania, hey hang on Dover may be at the other side of the state from where we live now, but I have one boy at the the same age as the poor kids getting force fed fundie BS, and one much younger, what if it spread, what if it got here just as Cameron was getting ready for 8th/9th grade science, no, no this just won't do, they are entitled to get up on their hind legs and bray about ID as much as they want in their little temples, or on street corners where we can cross over and ignore them, but to bring it into public schools and try and force their minority BS on the majority - NO WAY.

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