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Mister DNA

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 20 2007,07:47   

Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Nov. 19 2007,09:42)
Apparently the trollfest is not keeping Joe G down...

(which one of you guys is Joseph?)

a good healthy dose of respect for the constitution:
For me this has gotten personal. For example I think it is imbecilic to think one can either adjudicate or legislate what can and canít be discussed in a public schoolís science classroom.

and then some more


(I still think that someone should bribe a teacher in Dover to discuss ID in the classroom. That is how Scopes got into the fray. Then ID gets back into the courtroom, this time without any religiously motivated school board.)

I get such a Pinky and the Brain vibe from IDiots. Their plans to defeat Evilution/Darwinism/Materialism never involve something like... oh, I dunno... research; it's always:

1) This press release will be the death of Darwinism!

2) We'll let 9th Grade biology students decide!

3) The mere existence of this "lab" will be a crushing defeat for materialism; we won't even need to do any research! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!one!eleventy!

4) As this flash animation demonstrates, judges aren't qualified to rule on whether or not ID is science.

Joe G's Bribe a Teacher Gambit is crazy. So crazy, it just might work!

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Thank you, Dr. Dembski. You are without peer when it comes to The Argument Regarding Design. - vesf

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