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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Nov. 06 2007,06:28)
Has DaveTard jumped the shark? His new post at UD proposes what he calls an ID hypothesis      
The biological ID hypothesis can be stated as:

All complex biological systems are generated by intelligent agents.

and then alleges that Behe has tested it      
P.falciparum replicating billions of trillions of times in the past few decades represents the largest search to date for a “black swan”. This is orders of magnitude more replications than took place in the evolution of reptiles to mammals wherein there are many exceedingly complex biological systems that separate them. If P.falciparum had been seen generating any complex biological systems such as those that distinguish mammals from reptiles then it would have falsified the ID hypothesis. None were observed. This doesn’t prove ID but it certainly lends strong support to it. All perfectly scientific.

P.S. I understand that an actual black swan has been observed and Popper’s hypothetical example was indeed falsified. That is exactly how science is supposed to work. Now it’s up to the time & chance worshippers to falsify the ID hypothesis. Good luck.

Besides the math issues bolded above, I guess I missed the part where Behe had any evidence about an "intelligent agent". I hope that the commenters (so far none) can explain that a bit better. I suspect that they will identify the agent for us, per usual.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to Dave or Behe or any other IDist that p.falciparum, like every other organism on the planet, is the product of several billion years of evolution and that it might be about as well adapted to its host as it can get?


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