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No one has ever said this blog is open to all critics. Wherever did you get that idea? Dembski said at the beginning it was moderated and heíd allow thoughtful criticism that he hadnít heard before. He said if he found you boring youíd get the axe and he was making up the rules as he went along. I believe Iím carrying on in the same moderation style as best I can but devoting more time to it than he had available. So instead of swinging the axe ruthlessly in order to save time and maintain order Iím doing more micromanagement in an effort to not cull those who might turn out to be constructive contributors if given more chance and direction. This is resulting in some taking advantage of it - several commenters have been invited to leave only to return using a different name knowing theyíll get another chance that way. It also results in a higher profile for the moderation. In the past you didnít see how many times Dembski swung the axe because many never got their first comment past him. I tend to let the first comment from a new user pass through unless itís a gratuitous flame and then if they continue to comment with a chip on their shoulder do something about it then.

The bottom line is this is a moderated blog. If you canít deal with that, donít let the door hit you on the tail on your way out.

Comment by DaveScot ó January 19, 2006 @ 8:26 am

As hyperactively as you thought Dembski and DaveScot were at banning criticism, they're apparently worse.

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