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Arden Chatfield

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Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 23 2006,15:20)
Wow, this is interesting. While a hundred years ago, creationists denied evolution, recently they've had to concede some evolution. Hence the micro/macro distinction. A few of the smarter creationists (not quite a complete oxymoron) have even relented on common descent in the last few years, the evidence being so powerful. Yet they maintain some fiddling was still required, at some point. It looks like DaveScot is actually in that camp:

Well, keep in mind that some ID people have accepted common descent, and some ID people have accepted some form of evolution -- but not all of them have gotten the memo. For every one such person who has, there are ten who still say that evolution is ridiculous, common descent is impossible, there's no evidence for transitional fossils, and that speciation has never been observed. As people have pointed out at PT, no IDC idea EVER gets thrown out completely -- once any IDC talking point is launched, it essentially lingers forever in 'folk intelligent design' circles. Whether it's been soundly refuted or even if the DI tells people not to use it anymore, it doesn't matter.

This is one of the most funny things about Intelligent Design -- its complete lack of consensus or standardization of any kind.

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