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Another good Red Reader story.  He criticized me once for not agreeing often enough with ID supporters:
Red Reader wrote:
I see Dave, Josh, Pav (in the this post) continously making good points–logical, fair, reasoned.
But the contrarian never acceeds a single point.
Why is this? The law of averages suggests that between them–Dave, Josh & Pav (not to mention numerous others in different threads)–they would by complete accident make at least one statement in three (more or less) that the contrarian could agree with.

Apart from the bizarre probabilistic reasoning and the oxymoronic idea of Josh Bozeman making a "logical, fair, reasoned" point, the fact was that I did agree with ID supporters (including DaveScot -- forgive me) when they said something sensible.  I even defended Bill Dembski on a couple of occasions when he was unfairly attacked.
I wrote to Red:
Perhaps you can show me the many comments in which you agree with Darwinians, so I’ll have an example to follow.

Needless to say, no such examples were forthcoming.

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