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Oh... Flint: No, you've got it wrong.

He banned Steve Reuland with the same reason, word-for-word. He's removed the posts, but it was something like "As I am not allowed to post at Pandas Thumb, Pandas Thumb contributors are not allowed to post here." With that definition, he's only referring to contributors with administrative powers on the site. Jack Krebs and Steve Reuland, but also Wesley Elsberry, PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, Pim Van Meurs, and everyone else for sure. Not automatically people who comment on the site. Basically, his reasoning of "I'm banned at PT, so you're banned here" only applies to those people. He'll come up with different reasons to ban Pandas Thumb commenters.

In the end, you're technically right. If he likes what a PT contributor is posting, he'll let it stay. He's practicing some sort of swiss cheese fascism. Heck, the guy banned Josh Bozeman. Josh isn't nearly as aggressive as DaveScot, but he's just as dishonest/misled.

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