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(Permalink) Posted: April 12 2007,10:15   

Why do I get the impression that DaveScotty-o-Scott is:

He's running about screaming "The Evos are coming! The Evos are coming!" and is about as friendly as a bag of slightly moody whelks. In his little paranoid world no doubt Blipey is coming to kill him or do something really mean. That's why he's threatened to sick the dogs/fuzz on him! What must it be like to live in Dave's terrified little world.

{shakes head}


P.S. I'd buy anyone a beer btw, so if you IDers come over to the UK and I'm available I'll stick an alcoholic beverage in your paw for you. Of course if you're an arsehole it'll only be one beer, but I'm willing to risk a couple of quid on the possibility of an interesting conversation. Of course if any of you other non-IDer types make it over, I will go as far as a beer and a chaser minimum. Never let it be said that I am not generous, oh no! And if it's Deadman that comes over, he just gets a squirrel surprise and a trip to the RSPCA dungeon.

P.P.S. Awww K.E., you shouldn't edit out your rage, it was good rage, I read it before edit......and I agree with you btw! D'Tard is a cowardly little maggot (online at least), still it's always fun to meet these chaps in real life, they usually turn out to be a laugh in real life. I bet D'Tard has stories about him and Mike Dell suppin' a few and when he conquered the Alamo or some such as a marine. Doubtless I'd be really impressed, although I would be worried about all the women I know practically flipping out their uteruses to accept his manly sperm and begging for his children to be implanted in their unworthy but oh so willing bodies. That and the fact that we don't have many cheesy poofs in the UK


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