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Your answer is telling. You said that one prerequisite for Natural Selection was “c) differential fitness / reproductive success based on that heritable variation” also known as differential reproduction. (How else can “fitness” be measured? An organism is only as “fit” as the extra fraction of offspring it produces.) But you also said that the end result is differential reproduction: “…the entire *process* that yields differential reproduction”

"How else can fitness be measured"

Oh, I don't know. Maybe by observing nature.

We observe traits. We observe that some traits are heritable. We observe differential reproductive success. Then we devise an observation to link heritable traits with reproductive success. Let's expose clonal bacteria to antibiotics and see if some have traits that allow differential survival. Look at the birds and the bees. Or watch competitive human mating practices at a high school dance.

Gee whiz. Open your eyes.

So, if I understand you and Darwinists correctly: Natural Selection is a process that requires differential reproduction as a prerequisite to yield differential reproduction. You see my problem with that?

Yes. Your problem is that you have assumed your conclusion, then you are forced to interpret everything to fit that preconception.

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