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Quote (Richardthughes @ April 10 2007,09:08)

DaveScot said...

Sorry for the off-topic but I wanted to leave a note for Blipey and I know it'll get to him if I leave it here.

I was checking the calendar to make sure there weren't any all day soccer tournaments on Sunday, May 13th, and was reminded that's Mother's Day. I won't be available for any meetings on that day.

10:19 PM

Unreal.  A typical bully/coward.

Reminds me of those kids in grade school that would call the bigger kids names, and when the bigger kids had finally had enough and went after him, he'd run and hide behind the teacher...

What a Marine-pussy...

Oh - Rich - why do I think Popper and Kuhn are overrated.

First, neither (and, as far as I can tell, none of the 'biggie' philiosophers of science) actually had any experience in engaging in scientific pursuits.  Sort of like some Joe Sixcpack couch potato who never played football screaming at a quarterback in the NFL "You suck!  I could have done better than that!"
Second, neither seem to accurately portray the manner in which science is actualy engaged in, and worse, according to some of their acolytes (Lakatos for example) science is basically worthless and no better at finding 'truth' than sociology.
Several years ago (in the 1980s or 90s), there was a series of letters exchanged in Nature (I think - can't remember exactly right now) on the issue of the philosophy of science, and after the philosophers that were involved basically claimed science to be a farce (in so many words), a scientist replied to the effect that it was an interestign exchange on a topic that essentially means nothing.

So, they can philosophize away, and I don't really think it will have much of an impact on anyone except those who are outside of science and read their work and think they can then dismiss anything claimed by scientists (which I have seen happen).

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