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Quote (George @ April 09 2007,18:11)
I was off work sick for the past week and dropped in a few times to catch up after an absence of months and see if anything new had happened in IDville.  Radical new experimental breakthroughs?  Fascinating new theoretical insights?  A half-assed chance of ramming something through the courts?


It seems the highlight is that DaveTard is on a diet.

Oh, and you finally got rid of AFDave.  Don't know how you put up with him for so long.  Very patient and masochistic people here.

All the best,


We don't typically ban or edit our critics. This isn't an ID blog. But after AFDave had his 8-month, 11,000-comment discussion we decided it was best for him to move along. The main reason, actually, was to get him a new audience. We pointed him to, which has even bigger viewership. His threads there are now into the thousands of comments. Some of us have tried encouraging him to put together a PowerPoint talk and start giving it to churches. There would be no better advertisement for evolution that that guy. He's totally nuts.

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