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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: April 09 2007,00:26   

Quote (GCT @ April 08 2007,17:39)
Quote (stevestory @ April 08 2007,18:30)
Quote (phonon @ April 08 2007,17:53)
And Dembski could pull it off, too. After all, William Dembski may actually be the most intelligent man currently walking the face of the planet earth.

Like Davetard, that guy got his scientific training by reading SciAm and watching science fiction.

Does their craziness extend in other directions as well? Do they watch a few episodes of Emeril and then imagine themselves expert chefs?

Well, they are qualified biologists, climatologists, doctors (especially in studying HIV), mathmeticians, information theory experts, engineers, computer experts, design detection extraordinaires, etc.  They are the James Bonds of the real world.  So, I wouldn't be surprised to learn what DaveTard can do in the kitchen with some cheesy poofs.  I mean, he obviously knows how to eat (just look at the pic) so he must know how to make good eats, right?  Bam!

Dave spent about $100 on a tech gadget to boil his rice.
Can you believe anyone, anywhere would require a rice cooking gadget FFS?   ???

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