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They most certainly do start to decay, and this is observed, but it takes several million years for them to decay (in mammals) to the point where they are no longer discernable as what they are.

Joseph † † † † †
LoL! We have NOT observed anything for millions of years. Therefore we donít know how long viral insertions take to decay.

There is an Bristlecone Tree called "Methuselah". Scientists claim it is 4,767 years old. No known person saw the tree as a seedling, much less recorded the date. Yet, as first documented by Leonardo Da Vinci, we can see tree rings develop in trees year after year. We can compare tree rings in different trees and even determine the seasonal climate over the life of the tree.

Molecular geneticists can observe the process of mutation over generations. It is also observed that the nested hierarchy of endogenous retroviruses matches the nested hierarchy of morphology and genomics. From these observations, predictions can be made and compared to evidence from other fields of study, such as paleontology or cladistics. It is quite possible to reach valid conclusions concerning events that occurred millions of years ago.

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