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You also demonstrate that if NDT etc advocates will pull back on the incivility that too often mars their behaviour, they can participate productively in UD.

That is a false statement. Many people have been banned from Uncommon Descent for reasons far a cry from "incivility". E.g., I have been banned from Uncommon Descent three times:

1. Pointing out correctly (on-topic) that Scientific American is not a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  
2. For arguing reasonably (on-topic) that an arm can act as a sling, such as slinging mud or rocks, or as a windmill pitch in softball.
3. For rightly defending (off-topic but off-site) a science teacher from unfair accusations of lying. Those making the accusations (off-topic but on-site) were allowed to continue their mockery.

There are many such examples.

The teacher, Allen MacNeill, even offered a class at Cornell, Evolution and Design: Is There Purpose in Nature?, encouraging an open discussion of the issues. MacNeill was then invited to participate at Uncommon Descent.

scordova blogged    

I am told MacNeill has been very respectful to the much besieged IDEA club at Cornell, and I am grateful for his civility toward my embattled comrades there. I hope we at Uncommon Descent will reciprocate the civility he has extended to IDists at his school.

Apparently not. And defending him was a banning offense. While scordova and others stood by.

Proudly banned three four five times by Uncommon Descent.
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