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Quote (GCT @ April 06 2007,14:46)
Quote (wintermute @ April 06 2007,14:30)
Because they produced very little CO2 relative to their population; does anyone know if DaveTard's comment about them being about to race ahead of the US in CO2production is true?

I read in a magazine today (I think it was Time) that China is forecast to surpass the US in total CO2 output by 2010.  They will, however, still lag behind us in CO2 output per person.

Edit:  I was at the doctor's office and the magazine there had a big cover story on global warming, so I picked it up and checked it out while I was waiting.
I'm not an expert, and I don't think they're going to actually surpass us, but China's and India's CO2 output is going to increase significantly and is a growing problem as well.
Quote (Richardthughes @ April 06 2007,13:41)
We've entered a new, golden age of hypocrisy as DaveTard starts a thread with "Angry Old Fat Man.."


Snore, I got the video's joke after the first minute. To be fair, though, there is a lunatic fringe to the Peak Oil crowd; Harper's had a good article about it ("Imagine there's no oil: Scenes from a liberal apocalypse," by Bryant Urstadt, Aug. 2006 - no, I don't care for the title either). A bunch of yucks talking about fleeing the cities, which will become scenes from Soylent Green, for "lifeboat ectopic communities" out in the crountry then, in the next breath, "in the future, we'll plant gardens on top of skyscrapers" (but I thought you were fleeing the cities? You gonna sneak in after dark and plant your gardens overnight?). Sloppy thinking from people I wouldn't share a bong-hit with. Apocalyptic thinking of any kind is a fantasy about stealing things from other people.

Dave should see Who Killed the Electric Car? no matter what he thinks of global warming.

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