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Dave quotes a climtardologist:

Only at the third question — is there evidence that global warming is actually occurring? — do we enter the realm of the observable. Air and sea temperature can be measured. The standard observation is that the planet has fitfully warmed by one degree Celsius over the past century, but this figure is produced by massaging inconsistent readings from many times and places. Different assumptions would produce different trends, or none at all. And that’s without considering whether a planetary “average” temperature is even a meaningful datapoint (some have likened it to averaging all the phone numbers in the phone book).

And some people have claimed that putting your fingers in your ears and hopping during a thunderstorm increases your intelligence. You can always find some people who will say anything, no matter how stupid.

If different parts of an object have different temperatures, then that object has an average temperature. If an object goes through temperature cycles (I don't know if this is the case for Earth, but I would not be surprised to learn that the mean global temperature is different in January to in September), then it has an average temperature. Is this really so complicated?

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