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Quote (blipey @ April 06 2007,10:03)
Well, Joe is now officially no longer worth slapping around:

† †  
You do realise yu are becoming John Davison, Jr?

Thanks for the compliment!

Since he admits he's a senile individual with a discredited idea, our work is done.

I love it so!

The assertions in "The Privileged Planet" make for very poor science.

The most decisive way to falsify our argument as a whole would be to find a distant and very different environment that, while quite hostile to life, nevertheless offers a superior platform for making as many diverse scientific discoveries as does our local environment.. The opposite of this would have the same effect- finding an extremely habitable and inhabited place that was a lousy platform for observation.

You can falsify all sorts of theories including the Theory of Evolution by finding a magic, flying pony, but that doesn't represent a valid falsifiable prediction. It's a dodge that attempts to avoid the potential for actual falsification. (If it were presented as speculation rather than firm conclusion, then it would not be an issue.) In any case, there are plenty of places even in the local Solar System that make very good platforms for making diverse astronomical and other scientific discoveries.

For instance, itís unquestionable that a relatively transparent atmosphere is more conducive to astronomical curiosity and discovery than is a murky (translucent) or opaque one.

This shows a complete lack of imagination and curiosity. (It's almost as if they are a counter-example to their own assertion.) Perhaps intelligent organisms float in dense atmospheres. Or perhaps, other physical processes can pique curiosity in other realms.

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