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Quote (Richardthughes @ April 05 2007,16:42)
Zach, WRT Dopey Joe's latest blog post:

Joe's basic assertion (from Privileged Planet) is that with regards to solar eclipses, the astronomical vantage point on Earth is unique. But, of course, there are a lot of wonderful views in the Solar System, including eclipses. Take the Jovian System:

Ride the atmospheric currents on the native gas-filled steeds that graze in the upper clouds of Jupiter. Schedule your visit for one of the many solar eclipses...

Skate the vast ice plains of Europa, or lava-ski the great volcanos on Io. If you feel adventurous, pass through Jupiter's Rings on the moon Metis and watch the wonderful defracting eclipses of the Sun and Jupiter. Be regaled by Ganymedian poets with tales of ancient explorers whose view of the great immensity of Jupiter impelled them to leave their homeland. There is nothing like watching Jupiter rise from the comfort of your hotel room.

(And due to the strong magnetic fields, free electricity is available throughout most of the Jovian System! Any coil of wire will do. So bring your hybrid vehicle.)

(From a travel brochure.)

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