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I agree, and have never claimed otherwise. There are no known exceptions to the 2nd law, including in cases involving intelligence agency.

However, the original poster did make that claim.

Granville Sewell          
But the fact is, the rearrangement of atoms into human brains and computers and the Internet does not violate any recognized law of science except the second law, so how can we discuss evolution without mentioning the one scientific law that applies?

The Pixie: Non-intelligent systems repeatedly, but predictably create large regions of low entropy; as the planet turns whole continents cool down, losing entropy.

I agree, and have never claimed otherwise. There are tons of self-ordering phenomena in nature. You left out a few adjectives that make all the difference: “unpredictably,” “indefinitely,” “of arbitrary character.”

You are slaying strawmen.

Just to be clear, those adjectives also often apply to non-intelligent thermodynamic systems, e.g. a lightning bolt. The strawman is of your own devising as the original post clearly stated that the 2nd law was subject to an exception for brains, in particular, human brains.

The tubes, i.e. arteries, feeding the brain would be indicative of a heat engine requiring a consistent supply of fuel and oxygen.

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