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As touching the more basic point, intelligence does not violate entropy, it intentionally creates low entropy systems. (In effect, we are dealing with specialised energy converters under algortihmic or direct intelligent control.)

And, examples are quite commonly encountered. E.g building a house to a plan, or a flyable jumbo jet compare the odds of such happening [spontaneously!] by a tornado passing through a junkyard.

Kairosfocus is still confusing human notions of order and disorder with thermodynamic entropy. A house has essentially the same entropy as the stack of lumber from which it is made. People prefer the lumber to enclose a space, but a stack of lumber is quite ordered: the thermodynamic order is found in the trillions of wood fiber molecules. And every time you saw a board, or drive a nail, you are breaking trillions of molecular bonds which release energy as waste heat. Not to mention the waste heat created by the heat engines we know as carpenters.

The vast majority of the thermodynamic order in a house was created by trees harnessing sunlight to convert CO2 and H2O into the complex molecules of wood fiber.

A deck of playing cards is often used as an *analogy* to thermodynamic order. But it is just an *analogy*. The actual thermodynamic order in playing cards is not found in the arrangement of ranks and suits, but in the wood fibers that they are made from. To significantly increase the entropy of a deck of cards, don't shuffle them set them on fire.

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