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Quote ("Rev Dr" Lenny Flank @ April 04 2007,18:28)

Quote (Kristine @ April 04 2007,12:25)
Oh, and Denyse: it seems that intelligent design is not very popular among Jews. What say you now?

That's OK -- in the fundie fantasy world, the Jews will all convert before The End Of The Show ------ oh, and those that don't convert, will all perish in Armageddon and pay the price in ####. (*)

It might not be surprising that many Jewish advocacy groups consider fundie Christians (like our pal "Dr" Hovind) to be anti-Semitic.  

The fundies, of course, are utterly baffled as to why Jews would consider people who argue that Jews should become non-Jews or die, could be considered as anything other than *friends* of the Jews . . . . .

(*) As I noted previously, there are several fundie groups who are actively raising money to send Jews to Israel, precisely so they can bring about The End Of The Show and make those Jews convert or die.

Nice guys, huh.
Some buy into it though, if they think it will bring the Messiah. :angry:

Israel needs red cows. And Mars Needs Women. (You know, with the way things are going some days I think, that sounds okay...) :p

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