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As the co-author of the very fantastic and reasonably-priced book in question, I can assure you all that Flock of Dodos actually contains a disappointingly meager amount of sexual content, and that in fact sex is only mentioned twice - once with regards to the sexual practices of bonobo chimpanzees, which is brought up in the course of a larger point regarding the concept of the Logos, and then again when it's mentioned in passing that Victorian England was a "sexless time and place." So I'm actually pretty astonished to see that Dembski has criticized me for being obsessed with sex based on the fact that sex is mentioned twice in my 40,000-word book, although I'm considerably less astonished to see that Dembski himself deploys a jibe regarding my sexual development in the course of his two-paragraph post, apparently without seeing any irony in this.

Also, I dig your blog. Keep it real, gentlemen.

Posted by: Barrett Brown | April 3, 2007 07:39 PM

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