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Eric Anderson    
One of Darwin’s conundrums is that the variations that are the engine of evolution must, by definition, be significant enough to actually lead to differential reproduction and an advantage for their possessor, while at the same time they must be so small as to be realistically possible (or more importantly to the theory, they must be small enough to be believable).

Niels Bohr and Albert Einsten were taking a walk in the woods, vigorously debating the philosophical underpinnings of quantum theory, when a gigantic bear suddenly burst out of the underbrush and raced toward them. Niels immediately whipped out his fine running shoes and began lacing them up.

Einstein, furrowing his brow at Bohr, said: "
Niels, there's no way you can outrun that bear."

That's true," Bohr calmly replied, "but I don't need to outrun the bear. I only need to outrun you."

Eric, it's important to realize that just because you don't understand or can't imagine how a small difference can be critical in the reproductive success of an organism doesn't place a similar limitation on nature.

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