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Kristine sez:
I believe in paying taxes, but they're taxing these people's efforts. If fuel is practically non-polluting and they make it, why shouldn't it be free?

Fuel taxes pay for roads, it's really a form of road-use tax.  Mileage, for instance, is worse for heavier vehicles than for lighter vehicles (ignoring differences in technology such as hybrid powerplants).  Heavier vehicles also cause more wear-and-tear on roads.

Oregon also taxes biodiesel made by organizations such as Portland's Biodiesel Collective IF it is used to power a vehicle on public roads.

Likewise, Oregon (and many other states) don't tax fuels, conventional or otherwise, if they are NOT used to power a vehicle on public roads, i.e. for ag use.

There's really no reason for someone not to pay what is in essence a road use tax just because they make their own fuel ...

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