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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: April 03 2007,13:44   

Quote (Kristine @ April 03 2007,13:23)
...Stephen Elliot, I doubt that you ever engaged in this vicarious-living-through-"Darwinist"-eugenics-as-a-means-of-wishing-"Darwin

ists"-dead, as they are doing.

You are quite right. I haven't.
But I have spent a fair-few years in environments where death threats where both blatant and quite serious.
Northern Ireland was the worst. I managed to get myself threatened by both sides over there.

The death threats by these religio lunatics seem quite tame in comparison. It would be a tragedy if they managed to "get" a few of us by unlawfull acts. It would be a disaster if the got the political power to do it through law! In the latter case we would probably be better off being done early.

However, that said, I expect them to remain as limp as "ID as science". They really are buffoons.

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